Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Our handsome son and his first Prom!! He had a great time and it was super fun to see everyone all dressed up and nice weather to boot.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

a little older and new puppy

Well, it was a terribly long winter in MN & extremely cold. But now it is in the 50-60's and it is so much better. On March 1st we bought this little Pomeranian Pup. She is a bundle of biting energy, but man i  like her. We are all having a great time with her. Analise has been training her to sit, shake, lie down and roll over. She really is catching on to this all very fast. She is supposed to top out at about 6 pounds.  We named her Fiona. I also celebrated another b. day. uffda, time flies. Glad to have put another year in though. We are slowly waiting for flowers to peek out of the ground. I want Scott to help build a paver patio this summer. I hope the plan works out. Logan will graduate already next year, so I'm starting to think about all the projects i want done before then. I used to laugh at people when they revamped everything before graduation, but now i get it. It is a great way to set a deadline and try to get things done. Happy Spring!!  

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

And a Merry Christmas to All

 Merry Christmas from our family to yours. Have a joyous celebration of life, family, health & the birth of Jesus. 
                                           Analise's last year in the church Xmas program. 
 I swung by school for some of her party. A last here too. My babies are getting all grown up. Happy and Sad for that.
 Before we opened presents on Xmas afternoon. Logan has a hard time dressing up a bit for me. He is a working boy.
Analise wanted an art easel and so that is what she got. along with paints and paper and brushes.  
                   Logan received lots of working Carhartt clothes. He seemed pretty happy with them. 
 Scott got lots of Carhartt clothes too. His favorite. And also a pair of earmuffs with a radio for cutting wood.
 Analise wanted Rainbow Loom and i couldn't find it in the stores, so i settled on this Cra Z Loom from Target, but seemed a little tricky to move the bands last night. We will give it a go again today.
 This was their big gift. We hid it in the neighbors garage. Ping Pong. They were very happy to see the surprise. Analise was on to it, but i had Logan totally foxed.
 We had a candle lit supper of Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes. I am so sick of coking and eating. I will be glad to move on to the next year. 
                                   Glad tiding and good cheer to everyone. Have a Happy New Year.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Times Flying

 School spirit/ Homecoming week a few weeks back. Analise and i had a fun time getting her all dolled up for that.
 Logan was inducted into NHS. A very nice honor. Only 10 kids from his Junior class were chosen. Proud parents.
 While the boys were at my parents farm deer hunting, us girls went to La Crosse, WI to a Xmas craft sale and shopping. We had a great, but long day. Boys each got a deer. 
 Christmas pictures 2013. Finally a little snow today, so after church and sunday school we all ran out and took about 10 photos. I picked 2 for Xmas cards. I actually did the tractor one in black and white. 
Merry Merry, let the fun begin. I am cleaning carpets tomorrow and then i think i will consider some baking. I can't believe how little time is left before Christmas. The Lien side is actually coming on Dec. 21st, so that is not too far away. Present buying has been pretty painless this year, besides the pocketbook, i have done most of it online. So many are offering free shipping and I've found some pretty good deals too. Keep up the momentum and enjoy the season. We sure have been loving the tree lights in the early mornings and evenings..  

Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall trip to my grandparent's farm.

 Through the cornfields we go to get to my grandmothers original farmstead. The kids had not yet been here, so it was fun to show them where Grandma Mercer grew up as a child. We can see the Mississippi river from up here.
 I packed a picnic lunch for us, it was another beautiful fall day in Wisconsin. The farm is for sale, bummer, so it may be the last time we get to go there. Wish we had the money to buy it. But, a couple hundred acres doesn't come cheap.
 You can't quit see the Mississippi or Lake Pepin as many know it. As we drove up i could see it well.
                                               I think Scott is dreaming of this land being his. Ha.
                                                   Fall bittersweet. How sweet it is.

                                                                           A very old shed
 Analise standing on a step to the basement of grandma's house. Makes me think how far away they were from town and how little money they probably had. And how simple life was for people a hundred years ago. 

  Oh the fall beauty. I love fall so much. Fresh air, the colors, the sounds. I wish it were all year round.

Scott spied this humungous mushroom in the woods. I have never seen anything like it. Have You? Enjoy all the sights and sounds of fall. I am so anxious to make squash soup, pumpkin bars and start a fire in the fireplace again. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Boys R away...Girls must play!!!

The boys are gone duck hunting for the past 3 days. Wow. No cooking, lots less cleaning, quiet. So, Analise and I have been busy doing some girl stuff. Manicure, eating what we want when we want, a bit of shopping. She had an Aero gift card burning a hole in her bag, so yesterday we went to La Crosse, WI and took care of  that. Lots of summer end deals. Then, we went to La Crescent, MN to a parade. It was their Applefest days. I always heard they put on a nice parade, but holy cow..we left after almost 2 hours (Analise had to go bathrm.) :) but there were still floats coming down the street. Lots of nice floats and lots of high school bands. It was a beautiful day outside. Perfect. We left home at 7:30 a.m. and returned at 5:30. Tired.
 I put some Halloween stuff up this weekend too. Seems a bit early, but i do like to enjoy it also. i love the purple lights and all the other fun lights i have. It is so fun to dig out the decorations and see that i forgot some of the goodies i had from years past.
Have a great fall, so looking forward to the fall colors, i hope they are great even though we have had such a dry summer. I started up with my once a week yoga class last Thurs. I really like yoga a lot, wish we had more classes in this small town of ours. Feels so good to stretch and strengthen again. Happy Week!!